Specialist waste conversion fittings


Plumbers - do you have problems with European 40mm shower or bath waste fitments?


These 40mm connections do not allow UK pipe to fit inside - UK 1.5 inch solvent weld is actually 43mm outside diameter. Ours fit ALL 40mm European traps and not just specific types like other manufacturers that you won't find out until you have it ready to fit on site....Ours are cheaper too and made here in the UK.


Using push-fit pipe or universal fittings isn't to the same standard or strength as a solvent-weld joint, are liable to sag and may not be allowed under any buildings inspection.. would you trust one under your floor?


The solution??


We manufacture conversion fittings using WRAS approved PVC-U pipe which allow you to connect safely and easily to European waste socket with UK solvent-weld. Super quick, no bodging!


We have three types;


40-43 converter that gives you a 1.5" male pipe to glue a UK socket or elbow to (Shown opposite, top).


40-48 converter - 40mm male to a 1.5" (43mm ID) socket to glue solvent-weld pipe straight into (Shown opposite, bottom).


50-43 converter - 50mm male (OD) to 1.5" female (ID) converter bush. Fits straight into a Euro 50mm and allows you to glue 1.5" solvent-weld pipe into it. Only 45mm deep.


All types available in singles at £3.25 each or quantities with prices from as low as £1.85 each. Prices plus VAT and delivery. They are NOT compatible with push-fit waste pipe which is 41mm outside diameter (this pipe is only suitable for fittings with O rings inside and the polypropelene plastic will not glue). We don't recommend this type of waste pipe.





40 - 43 converter

Available from eBay in pairs, search for

waste conversion bath shower trap adapter

(if you need 40-48 just ask us to include these instead)



 40 - 43 converter example fit




 NOTE - the white nut and seal are not included. This is a fitting example only.


40 - 48 converter example fit


50-43 Also available in pairs on eBay

(same search as above)